The Illuminated Man

The Illuminated Man is a figure that lives on the edge of the crime world and the innocent citizens of Relas-crag.


Long ago The Illuminated Man began operating in Relas-crag. No one knows his true name or where he came from, but one thing everyone knows: If you want something done, need something that no one else can get, the Illuminated Man will provide; at a price.

A mean Half-Elf, but fair with half of his hand and face a waxy semblance of what was once a handsome creature. Burned somehow in an unknown series of events, some speculate that is how the Illuminated Man got his name. Others speculate that it is because he sees into seemingly all aspects of life in Relas-crag. No one knows for sure, however what everyone agrees upon is that anyone who crosses him or his agents better have a good cleric.

The Illuminated Man

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