History of the world of Torrenthia

The world of Torrenthia is divided amongst 5 continents and many smaller island nations.

It begins three thousand years ago; two girls grew up in a small village in the southern provinces on the continent of Aren.

The first, Corin was strong and beautiful with dark hair and skin pale as the moon. Her best friend, Adessa was the smaller but more beautiful, with golden hair with eyes like green sea jewels.

Corin and Adessa grew up during a time of the great war of nations. In that time all children chose a path to aid their nation in the war. Adessa chose the path of the sword while Corin was drawn to the schools of magic.

They spent many years apart in the pursuit of their studies. Learning the ways of combat and magic hardened the young girls into women ready for battle.

Unknown to Adessa and Corin, they were assigned to the same General in a battle against a fierce battalion of enemy forces.

Adessa, locked in battle with a larger more powerful foe saw that her death would soon be upon her. In a chance placement of pawns on the battlefield, Corin saw Adessa for the first time in years. Seeing her childhood friend near death, Corin reached deep within and discovered a powerful magic. She smote the warrior and saved Adessa’s life.

From then on, the two were a powerful team, dealing death and destruction upon any with whom they met on the field of battle. The years passed and the wars grinded on, Corin and Adessa became known as the most feared warrior and wizard in the known world.

The two rose in power and eventually came to lead their own armies, lands and finally, the two nations of Empress Adessa to the north and Empress Corin to the south were formed.

In the early days of the two nations, an almost utopian world existed. The Empresses advanced many schools of thought that exist still today. Areas of agriculture, learning and culture advanced greatly as there was much to do after so many years of a world ravaged by war.

At some point, many years into the rule of these two nations, a discord formed between them. Rumors began to surface that empress Adessa had become obsessed with extending her life past the limits of a human woman.

Adessa was jealous over Corin’s magic, and her lack of showing any sign of aging after so many years.

Dark times came upon the two nations as Adessa was drawn deeper into pursuing immortality. Innocents were sacrificed and indeed Adessa learned to extend her life, although the cost was great.

As each year passed, more innocents were required to extend her life and power. After she could stand it no more; Corin rode to war against Adessa. The war of the two empires nearly destroyed all life on Torrenthia.

The war ended, although, not hinged upon the clashing of two mighty heroes. Rather, the long grind of war and misery broke the two nations into what became the current landscape of the world today.

So lost in untold misery and death were the two nations that they could no longer sustain the will of her peoples to fight. Without the endless supply of innocents to extend her life, Adessa fell into darkness and the embrace of the underworld. Corin, having lived to the extent of even a human wizards ability, passed into the light and left this world.

Today, a fractured world exists. A dark time is upon the world, the age of the great empire is gone. Smaller city states struggle for power and wealth. All of the races upon Torrenthia vie to bring their people to power, sometimes forming alliances that crumble under the darkness that exists in the world still.

This is the time of Dark Legends.


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